Growing medium/bonsai soil

Bonsai trees, like regular trees, live through photosynthesis, absorbing carbon dioxide from the air, and obtaining nutrients and water from the soil. Unlike wild trees, bonsai trees do not have a large buffer of soil around them; they rely solely on what is in the pot. Therefore, the buffering effect of the soil is minimal. We want our trees to have sufficient water, and ideally, the soil should retain water. At the same time, roots need to breathe oxygen, so they must not drown in stagnant water.

As a result, you should have relatively high standards for your soil. Outdoor bonsai trees can be watered quite generously, but the soil should be well-draining enough for excess water to flow straight through. Simultaneously, a certain percentage of the soil particles should be able to retain moisture, allowing it to release gradually or be drawn out by the plant’s roots for the next watering. Additionally, different plants have varying pH level requirements. Some prefer a basic environment, others an acidic one, while most thrive in a nearly neutral environment. Some trees can also be influenced in their growth patterns, which may vary depending on the substrate.

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