Bonsai is cultivated in a pot or on a tray. Like all pots, the bonsai pot has holes at the bottom. They come in many different shapes, where the shape is significant for both the style of the bonsai tree and the growth pattern of the species. For example, trees with deep roots, such as pines, prefer deeper pots, while the spruce with its shallow roots thrives better in a shallow pot. Similarly, your forest planting or yose style may look more elegant in a shallow oval pot, while a tree in cascade style or kengai style needs a tall pot both to have room to grow downward and to create a visually more appealing impression.

Color and decoration are also something to consider. Many tree species have a distinct color tone on leaves and needles or on the flowers, which must match the color of the pot. You can also choose plain-colored pots, which represent the more traditional Japanese style, or decorated pots with beautiful natural motifs, which are more common in Chinese bonsai cultivation. If you choose patterned pots, consider that the motif should preferably be related to your tree in style and thought, but above all, the overall appearance must appeal to you

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