Bonsai tools

As a bonsai cultivator, it is essential to control the growth of your tree through pruning. By pruning the crown, you can create the desired style in conjunction with your tree’s characteristics. Through root pruning, you can stimulate the tree’s development when it begins to take the right shape.

Among the tools you need are shears for leaves and small branches, as well as pliers for branches and twigs. Pliers also come in different shapes, depending on whether you want to make a simple straight cut or create a concave cut that over time will be covered by bark.

Pliers are available in many qualities. To get started, it doesn’t have to be expensive. Even the more affordable pliers do a good job. That being said, the best pliers are found in Japan. What sets them apart is the quality of the steel and their exceptional expertise in hardening and finishing. The result of good steelwork is pliers that last a long time and have a neat finish throughout their lifetime.

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