Sakadama is a harder, fired (600 degrees) clay mineral from South Africa. The mineral has expanded during the process, giving it an excellent draining capacity by absorbing up to 85% water while having air-filled pores (approximately 30%). We don’t have data on whether these pores exchange gases with the surroundings.

Sakadama is a better water retainer than Akadama. It has a neutral pH value and exchanges ions with the water in the pot in the same way as Akadama.

The hard firing at 600 degrees makes the grains more stable than Akadama. This makes it better for older trees that will remain in the pot for many years. It also works very well for succulents or to improve drainage in a mixture with Akadama.

As we interpret it, Sakadama behaves as a middle ground between Akadama and pumice.

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