My interest in bonsai has been with me since my teens. Simultaneously, the fascination for homegrown, succulents, and other unique and exciting plants has been a driving force over the years. During my student days, this interest received an extra boost when I had the opportunity to take some courses in botany and plant physiology.

With the store Unik Botanik, we hope to share the joy and inspiration with you, whether you cultivate bonsai, enjoy gardening, or want to develop greener fingers.

Our wish and goal are to provide you with as wide a range as possible. Therefore, we are always grateful for your tips, advice, and questions about the equipment we have or should acquire.

As a result of these desires, we have expanded our tool selection and put together beginner packages as well as high end japanese tools. A great new range of Ikebana-toold and much more.

Gunnar Sporrong

This post is also available in: Svenska (Swedish)

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