Welcome to Unik Botanik

We have what you need for your bonsai hobby.
Here, you’ll find bonsai pots, bonsai tools, bonsai soil, and everything else
that may be needed for this fantastic hobby.

Unik Botanik is a family-owned business run by the entire family.
We strive to provide you with the widest range possible.
So that you can choose exactly what you need..

Do not hesitate to ask
if you are missing anything!

Sporrong family,

           Activities during spring!

  • Mars 21-24  you can visit us at Trädgårdsmässan in Stockholm.
  • April 28 you will find us on the celebration of Hanami in Botaniska in Gothenburg. 
  • May 18 we organize a workshop here in our garden.
  • June 1 Gunnar holds a Bosnai course in Småland.

    You can read more about our activities here.

This post is also available in: Svenska (Swedish)

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