Akadama is perhaps the most recognized soil medium for bonsai trees.

Akadama is a volcanic, clay-like material extracted from mines in Japan. It is a volcanic rock that weathers easily. Deeper layers are harder because they have been subjected to higher temperatures and partially burned by the heat from the parent volcano. Akadama is formed only at a volcano in Japan, in the region of Akadama, and another volcano in Oregon, USA. The latter is, by the way, a nature reserve, so no cultivation medium is produced there. The Akadama delivered from Japan is sun-dried and then heated up to 300 degrees to be disinfected.

Akadama has an incredibly good drainage capacity, providing enough air around the roots of your bonsai. At the same time, it has water-retaining properties and the ability to buffer nutrients (ion exchange properties). Akadama is suitable for most tree species, especially deciduous trees. In combination with kiryu, it is perfect for coniferous trees and junipers.

Unfortunately, there is currently a shortage of Akadama in Europe. The weather in Akadama in recent summers has been too humid for effective sun drying of the product. We are in contact with three factories hoping to pack more next fall, 2023.

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