Perlite 0.5 – 6mm, 1 liter

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Perlite is a natural material, heated to achieve a fluffy and lightweight structure. Perlite is well-draining and airy, promoting excellent root growth.

Perlite works well for cuttings as it is both sterile and airy, providing ample space for root development.

Simultaneously, it improves otherwise compact soil in bonsai pots, orchid mixtures, and for cacti and other succulents. An incorporation of 10 – 30% enhances the aeration of most soil blends.

Perlite is also a suitable material for light-dependent seeds that typically require light to germinate. When covered with perlite, seeds still receive light but are protected as a layer of soil would provide.

Perlite is also an excellent medium for sowing cactus seeds, which are otherwise sensitive to mold and need sufficient time to grow.


Particle Size: 0.5 – 6mm
Volume: 1 liter
Weight: 80 – 100g

Avoid inhaling mineral dust. Sieving and processing are best done outdoors or with good ventilation.

This post is also available in: Svenska (Swedish)

Weight1633 g
Dimensions20 × 10 × 5 cm


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Perlite 0.5 – 6mm, 1 liter

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