Vermiculite 3 – 5mm, 1 liter

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Vermiculite is sterile and chemically inert. It has a plate-like structure/laminar structure where water can be drawn into the layers within the particles. Vermiculite has a cation exchange function, which binds the positively charged particles/metal ions in bonsai fertilizer in the same way as akadama does. When the cations get trapped, the negative components, anions, such as nitrate, also adhere to the surface of the grains. Subsequently, the tree can extract nutrients from the grain.

Vermiculite’s water-retaining ability makes it a great addition to many mixtures. 10 – 30% in a mixture provides some aeration and, above all, excellent water-holding capacity without drowning the plant.

Vermiculite is also sterile, and bacteria and fungi have difficulty establishing, making it excellent for sensitive stages in a plant’s life, such as cuttings and newly sown seeds.

Unlike akadama, vermiculite retains water very effectively without the draining properties of akadama. Therefore, add vermiculite to trees that will be watered less frequently or that can tolerate a higher moisture level in the root system.

Vermiculite is also a perfect medium to top off with when planting seeds to prevent them from drying out. Choose a slightly more draining material underneath, such as perlite, akadama, or pumice.

Similarly, you can place seeds in moistened vermiculite for stratification, pre-germination in the refrigerator. The sterile vermiculite protects against mold during the refrigeration period.

Vermiculite is excellent for ferns and moss cultivation, where moisture is essential. Mix it with other suitable substrates for the species.

Vermiculite is also non-combustible and withstands temperatures over 1100 degrees, making it suitable for use as insulation around hot surfaces such as chimneys and fireplaces. (Contact your local chimney sweep for advice on the best solutions.)

Particle Size: 3 – 5mm
Volume: 1 liter
Weight: 80 – 100g

Avoid inhaling mineral dust. Sieving and processing are best done outdoors or with good ventilation.

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Vermiculite 3 – 5mm, 1 liter

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