Prunus tomentosa, luddkörsbär, 2016 – TRD2023PT2016-24

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Outdoor Trees – read the care instructions below

Manchu Cherry, Prunus tomentosa, plant from 2016, bonsai.

Height: 36cm
Width: 14cm
Depth: 17cm


We prefer you to pick up your tree in Skara. If you are unable to do so, we can send it. We only send trees up to 1500 SEK.

We only send out trees on Mondays so that they do not get stuck in a warm (or cold) terminal over the weekend.
We only send at a suitable temperature. Indoor trees, min. 10 degrees, and all trees max 22 degrees.
We recommend that you pick up your tree within a day of reaching the pickup location.
The distance purchase law does not apply to live trees, but we take responsibility for transport damage if you send a picture within a day of it arriving at the pickup location.
Have the camera ready while you open the box. A late picture, or a picture taken after the tree is completely unpacked, will not be accepted.
Please note that this guarantee is voluntary on our part and that we have a photo of how it looked when it was packed.
Read more about shipping rules here!

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Outdoor Trees

Weather and Wind
The plant originally comes from northeastern China and Mongolia. It likes sun and warmth during the summer but is quite tolerant to cold. The fuzzy leaves make it somewhat protected against drying winds. However, it does not like the roots to dry out. It survives up to zone 4, perhaps even more if you are not concerned about lost flowering.

During winter, I use an unheated greenhouse, where I then cover them with bubble wrap (loosely hanging on top). The greenhouse gets more stable temperatures through two 250-liter barrels of water and a leaf and grass compost that gives off some heat even during winter. Note that warm days during winter can quickly dry out your tree!

Occurs every other year. Older trees every three years. Root formation is quite strong in young trees that can be pruned quite severely. Older trees are sensitive, especially regarding larger interventions. Use a fairly well-drained but water-retaining mixture with a slightly lower pH value. For example, kanuma, perhaps with akadama or pumice.

Solid, organic fertilization is best as it provides calm and sensible growth. Avoid too much nitrogen if you want proper flowering. Fertilize during summer and late summer from when the fruit is fully grown. Before that, fertilization can disturb flowering. Avoid spring fertilization unless you need vigorous growth with long internodes.

Let the branches grow a bit before cutting to avoid them dying off. Trim after flowering. Buds for next year are set in late summer. Towards autumn, you can cut older shoots down to two or four nodes. Since the leaves come alternately on the left and right sides, you can quite well choose the next growth direction by choosing the cutting point. During autumn and winter, you can cut thicker branches.

Wrapping of cherry trees is best done during autumn and winter.


Sending plants requires timing, sturdy packaging, proper weather, and communication between us.
Read our plant shipping rules here.

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