Hiryo Gold, traditional Japanese organic fertilizer – Flowering trees and fruit trees.

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Hiryo Gold is a traditional Japanese organic fertilizer. This version is intended for flowering trees, particularly fruit trees. The higher levels of phosphorus and potassium stimulate flowering and fruiting. This fertilizer also stimulates root growth and rejuvenation of stagnant trees. The blend of macro and micronutrients is suitable for most trees, but particularly beneficial for root development and fruiting.

This blend is well-suited for species that thrive in slightly acidic soil, such as Azaleas, Camellias, and Gardenias. It also strengthens weakened plants and protects them against disease. In very small doses, it also works well for orchids and succulents that do not require too much nitrogen.

It consists of solid granules applied to the soil surface every month or every other month depending on the weather (heavy rain, monthly; dry weather or indoors, every other month). Spread an even layer on the soil.

Stimulates a healthy microfauna in the soil.

Hiryo bonsai fertilizer is made from natural ingredients that mature over time with the help of beneficial bacteria. The fertilizer granules leach slowly even in dry weather conditions without the need for biological breakdown (which can sometimes create unnecessary odor) that other fertilizers may require. Therefore, it also works well for indoor trees. The fertilizer is developed in collaboration with experienced Japanese bonsai growers.

Keep away from children, pets, and food/drink.


N4 – P6 – K8

Dosage: 20 cm pot
Spring: two measures*
Summer: one measure
Autumn: two measures
Winter: No fertilizer (evergreen plants may benefit from half a measure every other month)

*Personally, I skip spring fertilization except for plants with very compact growth that I want to maximize.


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